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Do you know someone who’s missing any of their pearly whites? If so, you may know that you could improve the appearance of your smile by using dental restorations. However, did you know that things that were once simple and easy–such as chewing and speaking clearly–could be much more difficult? Still, if you’re missing teeth, you may eventually find yourself dealing with a number of serious problems.

In reality, if you are suffering from missing teeth, your other teeth could shift. This will eventually undo any orthodontic work you’ve had to go through, including braces. However, did you know that missing teeth may also make it harder for you to get rid of bacteria and small food particles from your mouth? Sadly, this means you’ll be more likely to have issues like tooth decay and gum disease–which will leave you more vulnerable to bad breath and even tooth loss.

Luckily, there are many different restoration options that could work well for your missing teeth. For example, you could consider getting a dental implant. This dental restoration service is extremely durable and will last for several years. Implants are also easy to replace if damaged. You could also consider partial dentures. This option might be useful for replacing several missing teeth. Lastly, you could consider a dental bridge that will help to replace consecutive missing teeth. Luckily, each of these dental restoration options is made to function and look like your other teeth.

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