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You see them in standing soda dispenser, the convenience store fridge, available at your favorite restaurant. Your kids seem to have one attached to their hand at all times. They have practically replaced the colas that have been a staple of modern society for over a hundred years! Indeed, the Coca Cola company itself makes several of them. They are the energy drinks, and they have taken over.

Now the question to ask is, “What are they doing to my teeth?” Well, it isn’t anything good. You see, we dentists thought that the old soft-drinks were too sugary and had other harmful ingredients that aren’t at all good for dental health. But… energy drinks? They have sometimes triple the amounts of the same harmful ingredients.


Public enemy No. 1 for your mouth. Sugar is the food of bacteria, which grows more abundantly when it has more of it to eat. Energy drinks have much more sugar and really amp up the amount of bacteria that can attack your teeth.


The only thing protecting your teeth from the bacteria in your mouth is enamel, the hardest tissue in the body. But even enamel is no match for a constant flow of acid from energy drinks. And once the enamel is breached, decay comes in.


Among other things, the prodigious amounts of caffeine in energy drinks (2-3x more than a cup of coffee) are there to provide the energy in the form of a stimulant. Too much stimulation and you get antsy, can’t sleep, and grind your teeth and clench your jaw. Doing this consistently can cause premature wear on your teeth surfaces, wear away enamel, and even damage or fracture your teeth.

Do yourself a favor and quit energy drinks altogether. Live life naturally and healthily. The best drink ever made is pure, clean water. Refreshing, hydrating and with zero harmful elements.

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