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The world of cosmetic dentistry offers patients many benefits that go beyond the realm of aesthetics. Cosmetic dental treatments also blends with other forms of dentistry to help your oral health by repairing and restoring teeth that have cracked, fractured, chipped, or broken. In addition, any teeth that have been lost or extracted can be replaced, giving you full use of your mouth. The customization of cosmetic dental treatments can also adjust a treated tooth for height, color, shape, and feel.

Here are a few types of cosmetic dental treatments, and their application:

Dental crowns: In this treatment, a cap is placed on top of a damaged tooth to repair and prevent further damage.
Veneers: This treatment helps you mask imperfect teeth with a strong shell that is cut to the needs of your tooth and then fused onto its surface.
Dental Implants: This treatment replaces any lost teeth with artificial look-alikes directly to your jawbone for a permanent fit.
Teeth Whitening Treatments: This is a special cosmetic service that’s designed specifically to whiten teeth in order to enhance your smile.

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