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The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing each evening. This is an effective first line of defense against gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health maladies. Most people are content to brush their teeth, yet many can become remiss to floss.

When this happens, stray food material and plaque can linger between teeth and along the gum line. In time, they can harden into dangerous tartar, which could cause cavities and promote gum disease.

One of the reasons why people skip-out on the flossing portion of their daily oral hygiene routine is associated with the complaint that the floss doesn’t fit easily between teeth. Indeed, some people do have an issue working unwaxed floss into tight fitting teeth, or around certain pieces of dental work.

Rather than force the strand into place (and risk harm to your gums), Dr. Gilbert Omido and the associates at his Wichita, Kansas, clinic might recommend using waxed dental floss. The waxy coating on the strand helps it slip into tight places, thus encouraging regular flossing.

If you have oral hygiene concerns or questions about how to effectively maintain your healthy mouth, you can always call 316-683-0440 to schedule a consultation appointment at Dr. Gilbert Omido’s clinic in Wichita, Kansas.