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Are you ready to whiten your smile with an over-the-counter whitening treatment? If so, our dentist, Dr. Gilbert Omido, would like to warn you of some side effects before you begin. That way you know exactly what to expect and you know exactly how to care for your smile. Even though some over-the-counter whitening treatments are successful, the following side effects can occur:

-Tooth sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity occurs because the strong ingredients in whitening treatments, like hydrogen peroxide, can affect the tooth enamel. This can open the channels in the teeth that lead to the tooth nerves. This makes the teeth extremely sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. This side effect typically lasts the duration of the treatment being used.

-Gum irritations: If you misuse the treatment, like if you keep the whitening solution on the smile for too long, your gums can become irritated. When this happens, they can start to pull away from the teeth and expose the roots. This can also contribute to the tooth sensitivity and it can cause a more unattractive smile. The gum recession doesn’t go away until it’s treated.

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