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Overcoming the obstacles of a toothache are crucial. Usually, a toothache arises when there is damage to the nerve endings within a tooth. As is often the case, this means the pulp of a tooth may be injured or your tooth enamel may have a hole and bacteria is leaking through. To see if nerve damage is the cause, always look for signs and symptoms of toothaches.

The reason toothaches hurt is because the pulp of a tooth is the home to the nerve endings of a tooth. If the nerves are injured, pain and discomfort should be expected. However, a toothache does not immediately indicate that a tooth extraction must be performed. Instead, consult with your dentist to schedule an appointment so they can determine which oral health treatment will work best for you and your smile.

Knowing the signs of a toothache can be useful if you are wondering what treatment is needed. If you have pain in your mouth that continues a full day after pain relievers are given, you may have a toothache. Also look for signs of rash, chills, excessive swelling, fever, and discharge around a tooth, as these can be indications of a toothache.

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