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Thoroughly brushing your teeth each morning and night and also remembering to floss at least once per day is critical for removing residual food material and plaque from your mouth. If these substances are not removed from the contours and spaces between your teeth they can eventually calcify into tartar.

The presence of this potent bacterial substance near the gumline is largely considered to be the primary cause of gum disease. This typically starts out with gums appear inflamed, or bleed easily when brushing.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms you should schedule an appointment with a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Gilbert Omido. In some of these cases the gum inflammation of gingivitis before it worsens into the more serious form of gum disease which is known as periodontitis.

Without professional intervention the chronic periodontal inflammation could cause an infection to develop around the roots of multiple teeth. This could eventually lead to significant problems with tooth loss and lost bone structure.

It’s also worth noting that the systemic inflammation of chronic periodontitis can also influence other medical conditions. This is sometimes related to diabetes and an increased chance of suffering from a cardiovascular condition.

The cause and severity of your gum disease will directly influence the treatment strategy that Dr. Gilbert Omido advocates.

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