Teeth and Gums 101: Dental Implants

Are you aware that dental implants are tooth replacements built to withstand the rigors of chewing and speaking for the rest of your life? Even though dental implants can be injured, they are tremendously durable and capable of lasting for the rest of your life. Dental implants are enduring fixtures installed in your mouth in… Read more »

Improve Your Oral Health Care with a Focus on Cavity Prevention

The best way to ensure your mouth is well protected from the dangers of cavities is to eat right. If you eat healthily, your chances of ever developing cavities will drop immensely. In addition, a healthy habit will improve your overall health, not just your oral health. For a few helpful tips and guidelines, see… Read more »

Tongue piercing

Are we headed towards growing teeth on our tongues?…..Just thinking…..

Snapping Dental Floss Can Harm Your Gums

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing each evening. This is an effective first line of defense against gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health maladies. Most people are content to brush their teeth, yet many can become remiss to floss. When this happens, stray food material and… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy: The Facts

You probably know that there are certain steps you’ll need to take if you’re interested in keeping your teeth healthy. You already know that scheduling check-ups with our team are important and that you should brush and floss your pearly whites regularly. However, did you know that a damaged root canal can only be treated… Read more »

What Are the Best Tooth Brushing Tactics?

What are the best tooth brushing tactics? If you are looking to enhance your tooth brushing skills, one easy method is to improve the care you give to your toothbrush. If your toothbrush is past its expiration date or has fallen into disrepair, it will not be able to do the tasks required of it…. Read more »

A Modest Dental Fracture Might Require a Crown

People who grind their teeth at night on a regular basis or who have a bad habit of using their teeth as tools are at increased risk of dental fracture. This is further heightened if you participate in vigorous athletics without the warranted protection of a quality mouthguard. Should you suffer a fractured tooth, it… Read more »

Types of Cosmetic Dental Treatments We Offer

The world of cosmetic dentistry offers patients many benefits that go beyond the realm of aesthetics. Cosmetic dental treatments also blends with other forms of dentistry to help your oral health by repairing and restoring teeth that have cracked, fractured, chipped, or broken. In addition, any teeth that have been lost or extracted can be… Read more »

Restore Your Smile with Dental Bridges

The three main types of tooth replacement treatments are dentures, dental implants, or dental bridges. Some individuals shy away from dentures because they are removable and on occasion can fall out. Some individuals avoid dental implants because their jawbones are simply not strong enough to support the implants. That leaves us with dental bridges. Dental… Read more »

What Can You Do About Missing Teeth

Do you know someone who’s missing any of their pearly whites? If so, you may know that you could improve the appearance of your smile by using dental restorations. However, did you know that things that were once simple and easy–such as chewing and speaking clearly–could be much more difficult? Still, if you’re missing teeth,… Read more »