Dentures Benefit Smiles

Your smile is extremely important to us. We want you to have the strong oral health and the beautiful smile you desire. If you have missing teeth, getting dentures is an excellent method of replacing them.   Dentures can be partials or complete dentures. Both appliances replace teeth, offering natural-looking results, but they go about… Read more »

A Chipped Dental Bridge Needs a Dentist’s Attention

Dental bridge restorations have long been an effective method for replacing a missing or extracted tooth. This is a single piece of dental work comprising two anchoring dental crowns bonded securely to a replicate tooth that fills the previous void. While your dental bridge is made from very durable materials, it is still possible for… Read more »

The Interesting Facts You Should Know About Your Toothbrush

Do you wish you knew more about your toothbrush? If so, you have come to the right blog. There are many interesting facts that you didn’t know about your oral hygiene tool, and our dentist, Dr. Gilbert Omido, is more than happy to tell you all about them. The more you know, the better! Those… Read more »

Holiday Dentistry: Dental Anxiety

If you ever find yourself being anxious or overly worried about visiting your dentist, you are probably suffering from what is known as dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is a common condition in which individuals are afraid of receiving oral health care treatments. Luckily, our team is well prepared for individuals who have suffered from dental… Read more »

Gum Disease Prevention Starts with Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Thoroughly brushing your teeth each morning and night and also remembering to floss at least once per day is critical for removing residual food material and plaque from your mouth. If these substances are not removed from the contours and spaces between your teeth they can eventually calcify into tartar. The presence of this potent… Read more »

Expect This from Tooth Sensitivity Checkups

When pearly whites remain sensitive for too long, it’s probable that they’re a sign of a larger underlying condition, such as tooth decay. Left untreated, gum disease could lay waste to your mouth. But don’t worry: your friendly staff at Gilbert Omido DDS, P.A. is here to assist you. A general appointment includes an evaluation… Read more »

Adjusting To Your New Dentures

If you have been living with missing teeth for a while, you may be surprised at how different it feels to have a full smile again with your dentures. Even if you have teeth that need to be replaced, you will still need some time to adjust to life with dentures. Your new dentures, whether… Read more »

Your Questions About Dental Sealants Answered

If you would like to protect your teeth or your child’s teeth from cavities, consider having dental sealants placed. These thin coatings of plastic material are placed on the molars and premolars. Why should dental sealants be used? The chewing surfaces of the back teeth have grooves that make them vulnerable to cavities. These grooves,… Read more »

Protect Your Fall Smile with Oral Emergency Treatments

It is important to always maintain a safe and effective outlook on your oral health care status, including exercising caution with potential risks that can arrive. Oral emergencies and accidents can occur at any time. However, learning from history and preparing for future events is an effective treatment method to help prevent damage from occurring… Read more »

A Single Tooth Can Often Be Cosmetically Restored with a Dental Crown

Your smile has a significant presence in many of your facial expressions. When a single tooth is cosmetically impaired by discolored tooth enamel or a physical defect it can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. In a situation like this, you should consult with Dr. and associates to find the most applicable method for… Read more »