Have your teeth lost their glossy, white shine? Dr. Gilbert Omido can help remove stains and reduce yellowing with our Sinsational Smile® teeth whitening treatments in Wichita, Kansas! The Sinsational Smile® system is a cutting-edge whitening treatment that uses a patented, pre-filled silicon tray to help give you a brighter smile in just 20 minutes! Call us today to learn more about teeth whitening and to schedule your appointment with our skilled dentist!

Sinsational Smile® is a fast and effective teeth whitening technology. When you receive a Sinsational Smile® teeth whitening treatment, our dentist will provide you with a pre-filled silicon tray. he will then use LED accelerating light to activate the gel’s whitening ingredients at a faster rate, providing you with a brighter smile and whiter teeth in significantly less time than traditional teeth whitening treatments. The patented, pre-filled silicone tray allows the jaw to remain relaxed and comfortable throughout the 20-minute whitening process. After your procedure, you will receive a take-home maintenance pen to assist you in extending your newly-brightened smile.

The number of treatments required to achieve the smile you desire will vary depending on your need and color preferences. You may need on-going whitening treatments to help you maintain and rejuvenate your smile. The longevity of your whitening treatment may also vary, depending on your diet as well as other factors, such as tobacco use, medications, and age, and whether or not you use your take-home whitening pen.