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If you have been living with missing teeth for a while, you may be surprised at how different it feels to have a full smile again with your dentures. Even if you have teeth that need to be replaced, you will still need some time to adjust to life with dentures.

Your new dentures, whether they are full or partial, may feel bulky in your mouth, and your mouth may produce extra saliva for a while. This is normal and will pass in time. If you feel pain or pressure from your dentures, you should have them adjusted by your dentist. In many cases, your dentures need to be lined a few weeks after you receive them, which should also decrease any discomfort.

You may find eating a little difficult at first. You can try cutting your food into smaller pieces, or into long strips and chewing it on both sides of your mouth. If you have trouble pronouncing some words, you can try speaking them slowly, or practice speaking them. Your new dentures may slip or “float” until you learn to live with them in your mouth.

If you are missing a few teeth, or need an entire row of teeth replaced, talk with our dentist, Dr. Gilbert Omido about dentures, and find out if they are right for you. If you live in the Wichita, Kansas, area and you would like to schedule an appointment at Gilbert Omido DDS, P.A., you can call 316-683-0440 today. We look forward to helping you get a full and healthy smile!