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Your smile has a significant presence in many of your facial expressions. When a single tooth is cosmetically impaired by discolored tooth enamel or a physical defect it can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance.

In a situation like this, you should consult with Dr. Gilbert Omido and his associates to find the most applicable method for cosmetically restoring the unappealing tooth. This often calls for him to replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a porcelain dental crown.

After a thorough examination, Dr. Gilbert Omido will use a dental drill to remove the entire tooth enamel layer. The remaining dentin layer will serve as abutment capable of anchoring the dental crown.

At the end of this appointment, Dr. Gilbert Omido will create a detailed impression of the abutment and the related teeth in the area. This will be sent to a dental lab where your new dental crown will be created from a special dental porcelain. A temporary crown will then be secured over the abutment to protect it.

A member of Dr. Gilbert Omido’s staff will call you in for a brief follow-up appointment when the porcelain dental crown has been completed. The temporary crown will then be removed and your new cosmetic restoration will be cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive.

If you are in the Wichita, Kansas, area and you have an unappealing tooth in your smile, you should call 316-683-0440 to set up a consultation appointment at Gilbert Omido DDS, P.A..