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Misaligned teeth can leave an individual struggling to deal with more than just an awkward looking smile. In time the improper relationship between multiple teeth can lead to chips on the biting surface as well as potential chronic complications with tooth enamel attrition.

If your child has developing issues with the alignment, spacing or orientation of their permanent teeth, you should strongly consider a consultation appointment with our dental team. After an essential examination our dentist will help you understand your treatment options.

In some of these cases Dr. Gilbert Omido will recommend installing traditional braces in their mouth. The matrix of brackets, wires and other orthodontic components will provide a system capable of gradually realigning your child’s teeth.

Maintaining a healthy mouth will help reduce their chances of suffering adverse complications during the realignment process. While brushing their teeth and hardware components is often easy enough, many patients with traditional braces frequently struggle to floss and clean bacterial deposits that accumulate near the gumline.

If your son or daughter complains about flossing being a challenge, you might want to provide them with a floss threader tool. With a little practice it can help them to insert the strand underwires and other traditional braces components. A dental water flosser might also help clean them clean their gumline to further prevent gum inflammation and tooth decay problems.

If you live in the Wichita, Kansas, area and your child is developing misaligned permanent teeth, you should call 316-683-0440 to set up a braces consultation at Gilbert Omido DDS, P.A..